If Windows 11 fails to detect the display, it will showcase the same message, move to the next trick. 2 monitors. Windows 10 reports 1920x1080 (recommended). I have a Microsoft Surface 3 256G on which I try unsuccessfully to connect an external screen ASUS MB168B with an USB cable : it connects / disconnects in a loop without stopping. All other ports on the j5create adapter are working--USBx2 and Ethernet. Just go to power off the system, and then check the video cable & ports. This can be any of the following: Surface USB-C to DisplayPort adapter (see it in the Microsoft Store)ASUS 4k monitor connected to Microsoft Surface Pro 7 doesn't workre-install the drivers plug it into the second display port on the dock But none of it has actually done anything for me, any other suggestions? Edit: Got it working again, unplugged the dock with all the cables attached for a minute or 2 and it worked again. 0 cable allows you to use the USB ports built into the display for things you want to connect to your system. When on battery I am typically not connected to external monitors and I allow the device to sleep. 6) At this point, your external monitor should be working. Nov 1, 2018. Connect the other end of the cable to the video adapter. Selected Extend The mouse and keyboard are detected and working via dock but when I go to detect the monitors it does not work. I tried the duplicate display function, extended displays. However, the problem arises…Connecting external monitors to a Windows 10 PC is about as easy as connecting a pair of headphones, or a mouse, or a keyboard. I am running WIndows 10 version 1903, my laptop is an ASUS, and the monitors are Acer V226WL which seem to be on the older side. If you're using a USB-C hub, try plugging just the USB-C device directly into Surface. The monitor works through HDMI with my other 2 laptops. Click the "Start" button, then click the gear icon to open the Settings application. No matter what I do, I can't get it to show a picture. My device is not recognized. 1) Remove and reinsert monitor cable to dock. On the other end, pressing the monitor detect button on the laptop says it can't find any additional monitors. If it isn't appearing there, click the Detect button and it should appear. surface pro 3 (2160 * 1440) and external 24" screen (1920*1080) running the latest non-insider version of win10 (nov update 1511) x64 and acrobat reader dc 2015. When trying to use it with the Samsung, it doesn't recognize the external monitor, so I am only able to charge the laptop and and use usb devices, ethernet and audio jack. When I connect my mouse and keyboard to a docking station it works, but the docking station does not recognizAn external display doesn't work Given the latest Surface Pro devices don't have specific ports like HDMI and DisplayPort, you're forced to use a USB-C adapter. After downloading, run and install the . 20050 (set auto-scaling to enabled and touch to auto-detect) . Steps involved: Pressed Win+P keys. It's connected, via VGAcable, to a Samsung laptop that is less than 2 years old and the monitor worked fine with Windows 8. Surface Laptop 4 - Issue with external monitors. Monitors are not detected by the tablet each time that it is docked or restarted. Just got the EliteDisaply 243i and connected via the provided USB cable to my Surface Pro. Some combinations of older monitors may have compatibility issues when connected to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 docking station with video dongles or adapters. Apparently, this is a unique issue with my Surface Pro 3. 2. This can help you find a suitable adapter that can connect to the external monitor. [LAPTOP4] Hi all, Just purchased a Surface Laptop 4 and I am happy so far. Displays freezing. I have two U2414H monitors, both revision A01. This is what i tried: - plug my laptop to my neighbor's smart TV. Detecting and Configuring Dual Monitors on the Surface Pro. If not, you can try to detect it manually. Disconnect the cable from your external display from your Mac, then reconnect it. When I know I will connect to the Dock, I usually shut the Book down first. If need be a hard reset was also a possibility. You can NOT use a USB connection/USB dock for video. My pragmatic advise is this: change the Power Options for your plan to be always on when on AC. They are daisy chained from a Surface Pro 3. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update , then select Check for updates. I tried this with an older surface pro 7, from which it didn't work. Sometimes it is fine, other times it is not. 017. If you're using a USB-C or Thunderbolt adapter to connect a display, the adapter must be compliant with DisplayPort Alt Mode or Thunderbolt / USB 4. Once you've plugged in your external display, your Surface Pro should immediately detect it, and you can begin using the second display. After wake-up, the dockig station is working for sure, because I have an external keyboard attached to it through a USB WiFi stick and it's working. If the connecting cable is loose or damaged, your monitor goes to sleep when plugged in. Connect the other end of the adapter to your Surface. External monitor not turning on via Surface Dock I have the Dock, a Dell U2414H display, and the two are connected via mini DP to DP cable. My laptop's display is set to 1920x1080, and my TV is at a recommended 1366x768. msi then Restart. Force detect display. Open the Settings app and go to the System group of settings. Under the "Multiple displays" section, click the Detect button to connect to Method 1 - Manually detect Monitor settings. I am having the exact same issue as well. Hardware detection on HP support page does nto detect the monitor either. All of this stuff is brand new and I bought the docking station in hopes of it all being easy to use. You should see the Microsoft logo. See things on a bigger screen by connecting one of the Surface USB-C to display adapters to an external monitor or TV. System is not detecting another monitor. Directly connect your laptop or tablet to an HD monitor for high-definition video and audio streaming without a separate DisplayPort cable. They claimed it was after a windows update, but I was sceptical and thought that it may be the backlight in the Surface screen. I'm having trouble getting both of my monitors to come on when I turn on my Surface Pro. Cable is good. Here's what you'll need: A Surface USB-C to display adapter. In this scenario, the computer doesn't detect the external monitors. You can also fix the second monitor not detected/second monitor not detected via Settings. I am trying to connect my Surface Book via the dock to an Acer 27" Touchscreen Monitor. Use either of the following methods to force detection of the external monitors: Use the keyboard shortcut Win+Ctrl+Shift+B. When I plug in the mini-display port into the dock, the monitor screen never turns on, but it seems that the Surface Book goes into a loop identifying that there is an external monitor now attached. I was running windows 8 with an external HDMI monitor in the office. My USB-C charger is not charging Surface. Whenever I try to switch the monitor's input for the DP, it tells me Entering Power Saving Mode, and that "there's no signal coming from my computer". I've been using my Surface for a few months now, and have had it connected to a BENQ monitor via HDMI into a Mini Displayport adapter to connect directly into my Surface Pro 4. To detect a second monitor manually on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Settings. If the second monitor still no sound/signal detected on Windows 10 computer after trying the methods above, use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix this issue. 3. Usually, there are two types of external display/audio output ports: Mini DisplayPort and USB-C. Make sure that your TV, monitor, or projector is turned on. My video is not showing on my external monitor. Connecting an external monitor to any mobile computer should be as simple as connecting a cable. I connected it to my MSI laptop with Windows 10. Tried F4, F11, Device manager - 6170798Hi I have a new surface book I'm not able to use the LG Ultrawide monitor with 2560x1080 resolution. When I upgraded to Windows 10, I plug and unplug the external monitor and it is not detected by the operating system, only one display is shown- However if I run the computer with the lid closed the external monitor gets the signal. I have tried downloading all recent CPU/GPU graphic drivers, dock driver and USB drivers with no luck. You should see a tool for arranging multiple displays: If not, scroll down Multiple Displays and click Detect . Here's how to detect and configure your dual-monitor setup. 4: Run System File Checker Tool in Windows 10 Hope this helps. I open up the drop down and select any of the options like "duplicate this display" nothing happens and the box below that says " make this my main display" remains greyed out. Make sure you're plugging in the right part of the cable to the right input. Mac mini, Mac Pro - Microsoft Surface Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3 for Windows 8 Pro (NOT Surface/Surface 2 for Windows RT I upgraded to Windows 10 today and this monitor can't be detected when trying to add an external monitor vis settings. The audio doesn't work to any external monitor and the video stutters to any external monitor. My problem is that it will only detect 1 display on startup. Double check and make sure you have all the latest updates to start. External monitor works randomly. Switching over to an active adapter: Some users have reported that making the switch from passive adapters to active adapters for dual displays fixed the issue for them. aspx which is Microsoft recommended. For example, if the monitor uses a VGA connection, your laptop must have a VGA connector and you will need a VGA cable to connect the laptop to the monitor. It does not state Active, so recommend trying a known active cable like http://www. 6 Best Fixes for Windows 11 Not Detecting HDMI TV/Monitor An HDMI connection is the preferred versatile choice to stream content from a Windows 11 PC to a TV or monitor. 2 Steps total Step 1: Option 1 Go to Device Manager and delete the Surface screen driver. When setting my Dell monitor as extended, the If you want to use cables and adapters to connect Surface Pro to a TV, Monitor, or projector, you need first to see which display output port your Surface Pro is using. You should see the Surface logo. Fix 3: Update the Graphics DriverRemove the Surface Connector from your Surface, turn the connector over 180 degrees, and plug it in again. 10. 1. Click on System. Tried on a Dell XPS13, same problem. Unfortunately, it didn't detect the monitor automatically or when I had the computer search for an external display. Surface pro not detecting external monitorI have a Surface Pro 2017 as well as a Surface dock and two Acer 24" monitors. Restart the Surface making sure you remove the external screen before restarting. Surface Docking Station Not Recognizing Monitor. Troubleshoot external monitor connections in Windows 10 Before considering troubleshooting options, make sure your device is up to date. Click on the Roll Back Driver button. Specifically one of the Acer monitors refuses to work through the surface dock. If I unplug it from the dock and put the mDP directly into the Surface, it works and turns on. Press and release the power button to turn your Surface back on. Besides, unplug any external devices to your computer since they may conflict with the machine. See the section "For devices using USB-C" in How to charge Surface for help. If it is not, a couple of additional troubleshooting steps to take follow. However, the screen stays blank. Both are connected via DP to mDP in the dock. Go to Settings > Display. 0 not detecting monitors. Then try another HDMI device. Built in laptop display continues to work as normal. Also, you can try to roll back the graphics driver to fix computer not detecting second monitor. cablematters. Choose the . Method 2: Using Settings. On display properties, I will see options for having the second monitor (Display on screen 1, screen 2, both When I turn on the monitor it scans the HDMI port for some time and says "no signal" and then turns off. Yesterday i bought an ASUS VC239H external monitor and tried to do the same thing, but there is no HDMI input signal, the Laptop cannot detect the monitor (include display settings, intel HD graphics settings, nvidia settings). Details: External monitor connected through USB-C to DP cable. However, it won't work unless each monitor is running at a refresh rate of 30Hz, which isn't ideal. If the LED lights are lit, your problem may be with Windows and not the device itself. Connected via HDMI to my wife's computer with no problI have had some odd problems with my Surface Pro 4 from time to time with the Microsoft dock and 2 external monitors, where I go to turn on my SP4 and nothing displays on my monitors, I then open up my SP4 and the display is on there, so I shut it down and wait a few seconds then close it back up and hit the power button and then everything is working on my monitors. I downloaded your driver and this is the info from Intel Graphics Control Panel: Can you help me to solve this issue? Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Report DatHello everyone, I have a dell computer - Inspiron 5593. No video is seen, or it is not listed under display settings when trying to extend the desktop. The monitor did not detect a signal from the PC and the PC did not detect a monitor. · Run Surface Diagnostic Toolkit and make sure to complete the tasks. SP7 fails to detect the second monitor, while the SP3 can with the same set-up. Here are two things you can do: Perform a Second Display Detection. I can get it to work by disconnecting the cable for the second display and the when I put it back in The monitors are frequently detected by both Windows 10 Pro for workstations and AMD Drivers, including reporting correct resolutions and refresh rates and windows behaves like they are there and displaying information but both displays continue to display "No signal error". At home I have following display setup: HP USB-C Docking Station G4. Microsoft Store confirmed my firmware and drivers are all up to date. As I scroll down to the bottom of that page you can see that the display options. Report abuse Was this reply helpful? CHPlug the cable and/or adapter into your Surface Pro's Mini DisplayPort port and the other end into the display. The next step is to reset your Surface. This should be your first option because it is the simplest and requires the least amount of work. Go to "System" and click "Detect" on the "Display" tab in the "Multiple Displays" column. Viewing and listing to audio on the Surface Pro 3 is a non-issue. I have to unplug the HDMI every time and reconnect because it says it can't locate it. 2 Dell P2720D each connected via DisplayPort to the HP G4. If Windows 10 has detected the monitor, you should see it listed there next to your primary screen. For video, the Surface Dock 2 only provides USB-C ports, but the P2219H doesn't have a USB-C input. Once you complete the steps, Windows 10 should now detect the external monitor. You will need a mini-display to display port cable for this to work. It will duplicate your standard Surface display by default, but you can also extend it. Other Surface Pro 3's in the store didn't have this issue. In Display Settings, click the Detect button. The best and most cost effective monitor that I use that fits the bill as the perfect I am trying to connect my external monitor (acer) using HDMI-DVI connector. In Windows Display Settings, when I click on the "Detect" button the result is: "Didn't detect another display" After wake-up: Turning off-on or pluggin off-in the monitors from the dock did not help. Press and hold the power button until the screen turns off (about 10 seconds), then release the power button. If you still can't detect the second monitor in Windows 10, then you may have to try manually detecting the display settings to sync with your video card. Marc_Mourning August 2, 2017, 7:48pm #2 [Moderator note: Because of high search traffic to this post, updated on 4/7/2020 to contain current links] Hi Tom, Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue, but I would be happy to assist! Enter 4K monitors, the Surface Pro 4 is capable of driving an external display 4K, but only through the mini-display port either directly on the Surface itself or on the Surface dock. There was ''connected' symbol which appears on the External second display wrong size. When you connect Windows 11 PC to a monitor or TV, the OS But that does NOT carry video. So the monitor is not the issue. I've tried with 4 different monitors of the same brand and model, but it's the same problem in every one of them. With the Surface Pro line this isn't the case and you may experience a variety of problems such as: External monitor not showing any picture at all. (option B) Both cable works fine on another Surface Pro laptop running on Win 10. Connect another function monitor to see if this is not a problem with the graphics card. If you're using a Surface Pro 7 with a docking station, unplug it and connect the monitor directly to the device to see if you're having problems with the Surface Open Device Manager and right click on the computer name. Repeat step 1 ~ step 4. When I go over to the Settings Page and look at System/Display it does not find it. Try connecting to the second minoor via the Surface dock, wth an HDMI/MINIdp connection. If the cable from your external display doesn't connect to the ports on your Mac, you can use a USB-C or Thunderbolt adapter. Press the "Caps" and "Fn" keys on your Surface Type Cover or Keyboard several times to check and see if the LEDs are lit. Source 3. Plugable USB 3. Failed. This VGA adapter is big (and often blue-colored) on Make sure the Extend Display option is selected. External monitor not detected. . A monitor is detected automatically, everything on the screen adjusts, the taskbar appears where it should, and you can start distributing your windows between the two (or more) screens that you have. Press Windows and W keys together and then type "Troubleshooting" in the search box. Shift to the Driver tab. If you need help setting up your external monitors, see How to use multiple monitors in Windows 10. Here are two pictures showing my situation. Therefore, the external monitors display a black screen. I can't get all three screens to be on at once. Connect wireless external display To connect a wireless display on Windows 10 as a secondary screen, use these steps:Go to Download driver and firmware for Surface, choose Surface Pro 7 then click Download on the next page. Select the Display tab. Oftentimes, the simplest and easiest solution Way 3: Use Hardware and Device Troubleshooter to Fix Monitor Not Detected by PC. I bought two dell external monitors - 24" S2421HN. msi file that matches your current OS Build and click Next. Follow the instructions in the screen's manual or check the manufacturer's website. Everything works perfectly fine, until I switch off my SP3 and the monitors go in power save mode. Hello, I have a Galaxy Book Pro 360 13. So: surface pro 3 mDP -> u2414h 1 DP-in -> u2414h 1 DP-out -> u2414h 2 mDP-in. Adjusting this setting may produce better results. So graphic card driver shouldn't be the issue. Manually Select Second Display. Check device manager, see if its detecting the adapter properly, since its USB-C the adapter should be a device and the display itself a different device. What I'd like to happen is for when the Surface is connected to the docking station and the lid is then closed, is for the Surface Pro Screen to turn off and an external display to stay on. I also bought a universal docking station , in order to connect the screens to it. >I think it may be a passive cable but I am not sure what the difference is. Unable to extend screen. It has 2 mini DisplayPort connections that I have connected to two Dell U2412M monitors using Mini DP to DP cables. Low-profile connector with molded strain-relief design increases the cable durability. 0. I have two extra displays connected to my laptop, and my largest one (technically a TV but whatever) is appearing the wrong size relative to my internal laptop display. Step 2: Confirm connectivity. The said SP7 can connect to a SP3 wirelessly, making the latter a second monitor. The 713x will support daily chained DP 1. com/pc-25-30-mini-displayport-thunderbolttrade-2-port-compatible-to-displayport-cable. tdf2001. Click on Display. · Force shutdown the device and restart. #1. Open the Windows menu, or press the Windows key, and select Settings > Device > Display. Make sure that the connection is secure and that the indicator light is on. We also have a Surface Go 2, which works just perfectly with the monitors through usb - c. The docking station is then connected with the USB-C cable. Then suddenly it just stopped working. So you would need to buy a USB-C to DisplayPort cable, or you could get a USB-C to DisplayPort Plug one end of the video cable into the port on the external screen. Hello. 6. Click Start. If you have accessories that draw power from your Surface Dock or Surface, remove them and see if your Surface charges. Disconnect all peripherals like external hard drives, USB flash drives, or printers from your computer. Hi, I have a Surface Pro 4 and the new docking station (The brick). See Troubleshoot connecting Surface to a second screen. Best answer: Yes, the Kensington SD7000 Surface Pro Docking Station can support dual 4K monitors. Hi, I have a Lenovo laptop Yoga 2 11. 3" and I want to use it with a dock station. Connect the monitor to another computer to see if this is not a problem with the monitor. Workaround. The USB 3. Force external monitor detection To detect an external monitor manually on Windows 11 And for installation instructions, head here. I can not wake them up if I switch my Surface Pro 3 back on. Normally, the second monitor should be detected automatically. I already have a OWC USB-C dock, which works amazingly with my "old" HP Spectre x360. ? Surface Pro external monitor not working? Laptop is only on the second screen? Are you using Surface Pro as a second wired monitor? I have a Surface Pro that has been standing around for a I have a Surface Pro 4 with a docking station with external monitor connected, both keyboards (1 to stay in the office) and mouse. I have tried making my external monitor as primary, still no luck. Right click on the target adapter and choose Properties. (option A) Again connected through USB-C to VGA cable. If this is not a hardware problem, use the Display settings to force the system to detect the second monitor. Dual external monitors can run at FHD (1920) and a single external monitor via DP can support 2560. I have a brand new out-of-the-box Dell S2716DG monitor. I tested on another laptop under Windows 10, the screen works well and is recognized without problems). Solution 2: Check the DisplayPort version setting on the external screen Most external screens have an on-screen menu that adjusts the DisplayPort version used by the monitor. Choose Scan for hardware changes and wait. The laptop recognises the monitor. If you're connecting your Surface Pro 8 to an external monitor, or a projector, that's older, you might be in need of a USB-C to VGA adapter

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